Tebríthan are a race originating from the planet Tebríth, a planet harsher than Etera. They can be visually distinguished by their smaller ears, slightly darker and tougher skin, brown-to-orange eyes with transparent protective membranes (similar to those of Nariyása), and lack of scalp hair.


Tebríthan [3]:
  Vacuum Support [+5]
  Nictitating Membrane 1 [+1]
  DR 1 (-40%, Tough Skin) [+3]
  Reduced Consumption (Air Only +100%) 1 [+4]
  Hard of Hearing [-10]

Epithets Edit

Spacemen, The Bald People, Equatorials or Tropicals (in reference to where the settlements concentrated back when Tebríth was inhabitable).