Nariyása have a slightly darkened, easily-tanning skin, dark to red hair, and a variable range of eye colours that includes a yellowish tint.

The race originates from the part of the world with the same name (consisting of Eastern Nariyása and Western Nariyása).


Nariyása [+2]:
  Nictitating Membrane 1 [+1]
  Reduced Consumption 1 [+2]
  Renegade-inclined mentality [-1]

Template NotesEdit

Nariyása have a very slight natural (inborn) predisposition towards a cynical (in the modern sense of the word), somewhat pessimistic outlook on life and people, and a mild scepticism towards peaceful resolution of conflicts. This tendency is not universal and rather mild, and definitely doesn't make them evil, though some Wejít consider them such. They are well-adapted to life in a barren or desert climate, having a more efficient metabolism, and protective membranes on their eyes.