The world of Æthereal Sun has many states and city-states, most of them numbering only a few million people. However, some are more influential, known or otherwise worthy of mention.

Northern Wejít StatesEdit

  • Abnez - a highly bureaucratic Wejít mercantile city-state, known for cheap vacation spots, subtropical fruit exports, and high corruption.
  • Azúria - Wejít democratic city-state. High wealth, peculiar economy.
  • Tripolis - a tight confederation of three cities on the Western Coast of Norther Wejít.

Southern Wejít StatesEdit

  • Nóku - an rather loose Wejít mercatile state, known for its film and musical guilds, as well as various casinos, strip joints and other nightlife (but surprisingly strong anti-drug stance among both the authorities and the population).
  • Nwóros - unremarkable Wejít Gésh city-state with a remarkably disturbing subway station, Louka.
  • Xéokitlor - relatively small Mercantile town in central Southern Wejít.

Western Nariyása StatesEdit

  • Nanrókos / Nanróku - a Nariyása clan state, though lately undergoing shifts towards a more mercantile polity. Known for its peculiarly flat surrounding deserts that are eagerly used as aerospace boneyards.
  • Tennótx - Nariyása mercantile city-state. Pretty harsh, with sharp division between the wealthy and the poor.
  • Twin Ports (Western) - a single Nariyása Republican city-state separated by the inter-continental strait, with two halves of the city situated on different continents.
  • Okaarán - Nariyása-republican city-state, with some Wejít cultural influences; home city of Neia Nocturna.

Eastern Nariyása StatesEdit

  • Archive Of Lost Dreams - a small settlement around a temple of the same name.
  • Infopost - a 'small' university town (10M); former outpost and exclave of the Justicariate, currently enjoying near-complete autonomy. It is sometimes informally referred to as a (second) 'city on the edge', even though it is built farther away from the Alienation Zone than the Justicariate.
  • Justicariate - a huge mostly-underground city with a unique culture and society type. Exists on the edge of the Alientation Zone, and thus sometimes called a 'city on the edge'.
  • Kridgáran Republic - the country surrounding Kridgár city, renown for exporting agricultural products and, lately, high-quality mercenary services, in bulk.
  • Néyri Bay - Gésh state with infamously influential Modest Providers.
  • Rifthaven - founded in 1545GR by the Skyless, this city-state is supposed to become the new nexus of biotechnology, and a rival to the Justicariate/Infopost monopoly. The city is built a few miles deep into the Alienation Zone, and is considered the third 'city on the edge'.
  • Twin Ports (Eastern) - a single Nariyása Republican city-state separated by the inter-continental strait, with two halves of the city situated on different continents.

Khæn IslandsEdit

  • Pourt - largest aerospace centre of the world, situated on a rocky, barren island.
  • Shiorn - a Khænish settlement known for being one of the most influenced by Continental culture and architecture, and also one of the most foreigner-friendly ones.

Other StatesEdit

  • XKORB Central - a microstate in geostationary orbit over Wejít, often designated as the formally most well-known XKORB orbital space station.

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