There is a total of 5 races in the setting, all of them humanoid. They are:

  • Wejít - the inhabitants of moderate and subarctic areas, priding themselves on civilization.
  • Nariyása - the primary inhabitants of barren steppes, rugged and cynical.
  • Sírkin - a biologically mysterious race that tries to live in symbiosis with Nariyása and, to a lesser extent, Wejít. There are three sub-races of Sírkin.
  • Khæn - hailing from the mostly-subtropical islands, embodying honour and adventurism.
  • Tebríthan - the former inhabitants of a now-devastated planet.

General TriviaEdit

  • All races age roughly 20% faster than humans. See Biological Age for details.
  • Wejít and Nariyása are genetically very similar. However, there is no distinct hybrid race - offspring of mixed-race parents leans very heavily towards one of the two genotypes.
  • Even though some parts of the world are associated with some races, does not mean that individuals don't travel or change residences. Just like it's possible to encounter an Asian in Africa or America, so it is possible to encounter a Nariyása in Southern Wejít.
  • Wejít and Nariyása (and arguably Sírkin) are commonly referred to as Continental Races, since out of the races of Etera, they originated on the continents, as opposed to Khæn, who originated from a large group of islands. 'Major continental races' is a common reference to the Wejít and Nariyása exclusively, since there is less than 50 million Sírkin worldwide.
  • The Khæn are the only race with a monolithic culture, and have the most stable alliance of states in the system - the Confederation of Khæn Islands . After the recent events, Tebríthan are converging towards a monolithic culture, but this convergence is countered by the fact that they typically live in small numbers, spread among the many states and cultures. Thus, it is likely that eventually Tebríthan will eventually lose a distinct culture, and become a part of the mix, like the major continental races.
  • The idea that Sírkin have a distinct culture is mostly a misconception. Although the Justicariate is indeed a city-state that includes a large number of Sírkin, those Sírkin still represent a minority - admittedly large one (40%), but a minority.
  • Children of Wejít-Nariyása couples may posses ambiguous-looking facial features, skin and hair colour etc., but one trait is strictly binary, and is a 100% reliable predictor of progeny's race for any non-mixed next-generation pairings: the nictitating membrane. Either the child has it (in which case it is a Nariyása for the purposes of next generations' traits), or it doesn't (in which case it's a Wejít). Likewise, those with the membrane always have one of the C blood types, while those without always have one of the A types.

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